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April 29, 2019

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June 19, 2014

Blog – The Write Way …

My son endorsed me for blogging two days ago. I froze immediately knowing that my own blog content needed work. I realized that I need to discipline myself better in my own process and frequency.  Blogging for others is a passion of mine; however, seems to push my own to the proverbial back burner.

To blog about one’s business is for some – a time sucker, or time-waster. Some just aren’t sure what to write. While blogging is a great way to get your content out there (thoughts, dreams, necessary content to promote your business), remember the other ways that might not make you cringe.

Facebook posts, for example, are more social, and fun. If you or someone you know are too busy, or just lack inspired content, “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…” ~Emma Lazarus

I’m not afraid to reach out there a bit. Over the years, I have learned to embrace the art of research. Not being afraid to be adventurous helps us to grow, expand, and discover nuances about ourselves that we didn’t know existed.

Lacking ideas? I’m here to help!

Carol Marshall, The Write Business – Champion For the Written Word.

The Write Business offers compelling ideas that help you excel, and propel, to help… you sell!

September 24, 2013

Protractors…they’re not just for math anymore.

In finding an old protractor, my question to you is…what do you clean your dryer lint screen with?  I have taken that idle math tool, and gave it a new, important purpose.

In writing that new bio…how are you doing with the one that you’re finding to be a nuisance? Has it been sitting in your computer for a year or more? How functional is that tool for you now? Is it on your website for all to see and read? Is it still waiting for just the right words to finish it off? Put it out of its misery, and let’s start fresh.

If for some reason (no desire, can’t find the words, no time) that you’re just not getting it done, let’s talk about significant verbiage that will set you apart. Written creatively and correctly, your audience will know who you are, where you’ve been, what you do, and the information they need to discern whether or not you can help them. Let’s make you shine!

In doing the math, you will figure out that The Write Business is happy to help with your writing, plus editing projects. I am; however, sorry to say – Laundry Class 101 is still in beta. (Visit again in two weeks for more on Laundry Class 101.)

Thank you for visiting, and remember: “Strive not be a success, but rather to be of value.”   ~Albert Einstein

The Write Business can help you be of value to your clients.


o- 925-462-1604

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March 20, 2013

Happy Spring!

“I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.

                                                                                                 ~Mother Teresa 


Happy Spring!

December 4, 2012

Email Courtesy

I received an ad from a colleague at the beginning of the week pointing out how print speaks to an audience. How true that is – especially from my (a writer’s) point of view.

Writing is more than dotting your I’s or crossing your T’s. Your message must be one that is clear, concise, and gets to the heart. In an email, the subject line needs a compelling message to guarantee that your correspondence will be read. Try an exclamation, or just say hello along with your recipient’s name.

In the body of your email, as discussed before, avoid contractions. Use them only when you know the recipient well, or have at least had more than one email exchange.

Spelling out the words (cannot, do not, will not, etc.) expresses authority, makes a point, and also, commands respect. Contractions express casual correspondence. They are to be used when you feel comfortable with language revealing friendship, or a budding business relationship.

Keep email correspondence concise, and to the point. Everyone should practice this shrewd statement: “Be brief. Be brilliant. Be gone.” ~Anonymous .

In an email, use the same business courtesy that you would in a letter. Please remember to edit your communications. Involve a thesaurus if you must. Using fewer instead of less (less time to get there, fewer emails in the inbox), who instead of that (who= people, that=objects), myriad or an array of instead of a lot of, and remembering to tighten up your sentences (taking out unnecessary words) will make you sound “smarter than the average colleague!”

For more about email correspondence, feel free to contact me at

If your organization needs a speaker or a workshop, please let me know. I am always happy to accommodate.

September 14, 2012

Churches, and Purses, and Girls, Oh My!

Lessons are learned in myriad of ways. Be grateful for them and the surprises they bring.  Lessons are necessary to move forward.

Years ago as a little girl sitting by my mother in church; I should say, sitting next to my mother’s heavy purse, I loved to go exploring during the sermon. (They were always above my head anyway). It was no mystery what fun things Mom kept in that handbag.

Back in the day, moms carried stuff in their handbags. For my mom it was usually Kleenex, loose coins,  rolls of Certs – the breath mints, rubber bands, (?) emery boards, pencils, sticks of gum, and grocery store and department store receipts – lots of receipts.

Lucky to be seated behind the usual seven-foot tall man; it was easy to grab the goods and investigate. Playing my cards right, I’d score a Certs ®, you know “they’re two, two mints in one.”  ™

Yes, this one Sunday, I hit the jackpot. No, I didn’t find silver dollars; however, the bells sounded in my head at what I did find: pennies, more Kleenex, more Certs, a pen, string, old stamps, and a package of saltine crackers. (Let’s get some good stuff in there that’ll bribe the priest to keep the sermon short).

As were about to leave, I turned to my mom and told her that she had everything in her purse except the kitchen sink. (You might know where this is going).

So, at the most well-attended service, 12:15 mass the following Sunday, I suddenly shrieked, “Hey, I’ve been looking for that!” Both surprised and elated!

What I found in front of the entire congregation, was my priceless, white faux-porcelain, dollhouse kitchen sink! It was in good condition – not mint; however, pretty good-a definite Craigslist item-installation ready.

Being MIA for a few years, where has it been? You know, the house was without water, and we didn’t have bottled then. Dehydration could have set in.

So, after the scream (of how ironic it was that I just mentioned the kitchen sink the week before), I became amazed at how, over the years, it just appeared. (Now, catch the quarter from behind my ear). Where had it been?

The truth is that we put stuff down. Moms usually pick it up. Eventually we learn that you just never know what, where, and when you will recover or discover your stuff. If the stuff you discover is a dormant talent or passion (clothing design, cooking, selling on eBay) explore it, resurrect it. Can you make money with it; can you develop your “stuff” into a business? Is that your intention, or is it just a hobby? If you’re passionate about your discovery, about what you truly want to do with your life, don’t shy away from it. Think about it, go with it. If it’s truly your passion, bring it to the surface. Don’t leave it buried in your purse. 

Let’s talk if you’re not sure how to uncover your passion in life. Experience speaks volumes.

July 20, 2012

Wedding Insurance – If this one takes the cake, you’re protected!

Just think: if Cousin Carl just happens to fall face-first into your wedding cake, there is insurance for that. If the tent takes wings and flies away never to be seen again on your wet wedding day, there is insurance for that.

If the caterer has a contagion and cannot get the salmon puffs to your reception, there is insurance for that one as well. I was amazed to read that there is now wedding insurance providing for nuptial catastrophes. Some policies cover travel costs of the wedding party, stranded vendors, and breakage of gifts, to name a few. What a great idea! I think there might even be insurance if either the bride or groom gives into second thoughts.

Who thought of this? It’s smart! Wedding mishaps are alive and well according to the funny videos program on network TV.

When you glance over and witness your new mother-in-law falling backward into the pond, you can rest assured that you are covered for a dry change of clothing, and an EPA study on the changes to the pond landscaping.

When it comes to your writing, The Write Business, without calamity, offers original and well-written content for your individual projects. Carol has you covered as she carefully considers which text is needed to convey the write message to your clients.

* See your insurance agent for details about wedding insurance.

Writing Tip: Using Plural Possessives:

Write: John and Jenny’s car when showing a single item of ownership.

Write: John’s and Jenny’s cars when speaking of more than one item.

Have a great week!

Carol Marshall

The Write Girl of Pleasanton

Source: Pleasanton Weekly

May 31, 2012

Falling, and Face Plants, and Frozen Yogurt, Oh My!

We all know that Tony Bennett left his heart in San Francisco. Last week, I left my face imprint in front of a FroYo (not the name) store inDublin. A cement berm which I did not see, stuck out beside a car parked much too far to the right side of the space, and over I went. Yes, it’s a given that women should walk, not talk, in parking lots.

Now, I could argue that the berm caused me to trip. Really? (It reached out, and took me by the ankles). Had I looked far enough ahead, even in a dark parking lot, I still could have seen what could happen and try to avoid the agonizing scene that followed. (Although genuinely hurt, and bleeding, I was more embarrassed than anything else).

Like the cement berm, life gets in our way. If we don’t look up from a distance once in awhile, plans could fail. We end up on our faces, which could be both embarrassing, and detrimental to our personal and business lives.

As entrepreneurs, our livelihoods are much more at stake where we cannot afford to fall. One way to protect against falls and fails is to look down the road, check for obstacles, and plan how to proceed.

In our marketing efforts, we could end up embarrassed as we put ourselves out there for all to see. It is up to us to sound professional and smart to our clients and customers in writing and in what we verbalize. We need to assure that the parking lot stays lit and there are no obstacles in the way of our business transactions.

If your marketing text does not leave an imprint with your clients, consider a professional writer or editor to help with what you leave behind to move you forward.

* The ~ tilde (pronounced till duh), is the wavy line on your keyboard that shares a key with the backquote. Tildes are derived from the Spanish and Latin (titulus) that means “title” or superscription. Today, tildes have many uses including uses in URLS.


Have a great week.

The Write Girl inPleasanton,


August 24, 2011

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