Earth Day

Earth Day, brought about by a creative gentleman, Gaylord Nelson, draws millions of people yearly to celebrate our environment.

Plant a tree, clean up a park or beach, visit the Redwoods, take a nature hike, or just learn more about our planet, Mother Earth.

This Wednesday, April 22, is the actual Earth Day. Activities will be enjoyed by many; young and old will observe in many Bay Area parks, classrooms, and places of work.

We will all learn how to better treat our planet by recycling, planting, teaching, and inspiring.

If you are considering new planting, you will need to look at drought-resistant offerings. With California’s water shortage, we are asked to cut back up to 50% in some areas. There are many ways that we can water and plant smart:

  • Place new plants that are only drought-resistant; many new designs can be found to complement your yard
  • Water, only when needed, and only after dark so that the moisture does not evaporate
  • Work with your city, or a qualified landscape designer if needed

The way we treat our planet Earth is up to us. We need to educate our younger generations on how to preserve water, properly reuse and recycle, and clean-up the environment in general. Let’s engage, empower, and educate!

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