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February 26, 2014

“Who You Gonna Call?” (Ghostbusters Movie)

Well…the Winter Olympics are over; four more years for the Olympians to sharpen their skills.

While I watched the Olympics often, and was excited for the Bobsled, downhill events and speed skating; by the end of two weeks, I’m ready for the Summer Olympics now.   

You can tell me…How do you sharpen your business “skates?” Who guides you in your written content? Is there anyone who flies with you toward your success, or do you just wing it, and merely fly-by-the-seat of your pants?  

Although, written communication is key in all business aspects, many business owners attempt their own content. While that seems noble, and saves money, is it truly prudent? Is that the best practice for your  business? Even writers find it difficult to write about themselves.

Who or what guides you when it comes to the correct grammar and spelling that helps you sound professional and impress your audience? Which lifeline do you use? Do you consult writing manuals, the internet, or do you phone a friend? Who proofreads your content for errors? Who suggests your use of who / whom, who / that, all together, altogether, fewer / less, colons, and semi-colons, for correct usage? It’s your business. How successful do you want to be?

Writing tip:

When using in to and into: The use of into shows entrance.

“Nita stepped into the wine cellar alone.”

The use of in to shows the use of an adverb:  “He ran in to place the report on the desk.”

Read them carefully when using them in their correct form. If you’re too busy – call me. I’ll do it for you…it’s what I do – happily.