Protractors…they’re not just for math anymore.

In finding an old protractor, my question to you is…what do you clean your dryer lint screen with?  I have taken that idle math tool, and gave it a new, important purpose.

In writing that new bio…how are you doing with the one that you’re finding to be a nuisance? Has it been sitting in your computer for a year or more? How functional is that tool for you now? Is it on your website for all to see and read? Is it still waiting for just the right words to finish it off? Put it out of its misery, and let’s start fresh.

If for some reason (no desire, can’t find the words, no time) that you’re just not getting it done, let’s talk about significant verbiage that will set you apart. Written creatively and correctly, your audience will know who you are, where you’ve been, what you do, and the information they need to discern whether or not you can help them. Let’s make you shine!

In doing the math, you will figure out that The Write Business is happy to help with your writing, plus editing projects. I am; however, sorry to say – Laundry Class 101 is still in beta. (Visit again in two weeks for more on Laundry Class 101.)

Thank you for visiting, and remember: “Strive not be a success, but rather to be of value.”   ~Albert Einstein

The Write Business can help you be of value to your clients.


o- 925-462-1604

c- 925-895-9495

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