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September 14, 2012

Churches, and Purses, and Girls, Oh My!

Lessons are learned in myriad of ways. Be grateful for them and the surprises they bring.  Lessons are necessary to move forward.

Years ago as a little girl sitting by my mother in church; I should say, sitting next to my mother’s heavy purse, I loved to go exploring during the sermon. (They were always above my head anyway). It was no mystery what fun things Mom kept in that handbag.

Back in the day, moms carried stuff in their handbags. For my mom it was usually Kleenex, loose coins,  rolls of Certs – the breath mints, rubber bands, (?) emery boards, pencils, sticks of gum, and grocery store and department store receipts – lots of receipts.

Lucky to be seated behind the usual seven-foot tall man; it was easy to grab the goods and investigate. Playing my cards right, I’d score a Certs ®, you know “they’re two, two mints in one.”  ™

Yes, this one Sunday, I hit the jackpot. No, I didn’t find silver dollars; however, the bells sounded in my head at what I did find: pennies, more Kleenex, more Certs, a pen, string, old stamps, and a package of saltine crackers. (Let’s get some good stuff in there that’ll bribe the priest to keep the sermon short).

As were about to leave, I turned to my mom and told her that she had everything in her purse except the kitchen sink. (You might know where this is going).

So, at the most well-attended service, 12:15 mass the following Sunday, I suddenly shrieked, “Hey, I’ve been looking for that!” Both surprised and elated!

What I found in front of the entire congregation, was my priceless, white faux-porcelain, dollhouse kitchen sink! It was in good condition – not mint; however, pretty good-a definite Craigslist item-installation ready.

Being MIA for a few years, where has it been? You know, the house was without water, and we didn’t have bottled then. Dehydration could have set in.

So, after the scream (of how ironic it was that I just mentioned the kitchen sink the week before), I became amazed at how, over the years, it just appeared. (Now, catch the quarter from behind my ear). Where had it been?

The truth is that we put stuff down. Moms usually pick it up. Eventually we learn that you just never know what, where, and when you will recover or discover your stuff. If the stuff you discover is a dormant talent or passion (clothing design, cooking, selling on eBay) explore it, resurrect it. Can you make money with it; can you develop your “stuff” into a business? Is that your intention, or is it just a hobby? If you’re passionate about your discovery, about what you truly want to do with your life, don’t shy away from it. Think about it, go with it. If it’s truly your passion, bring it to the surface. Don’t leave it buried in your purse. 

Let’s talk if you’re not sure how to uncover your passion in life. Experience speaks volumes.