Wedding Insurance – If this one takes the cake, you’re protected!

Just think: if Cousin Carl just happens to fall face-first into your wedding cake, there is insurance for that. If the tent takes wings and flies away never to be seen again on your wet wedding day, there is insurance for that.

If the caterer has a contagion and cannot get the salmon puffs to your reception, there is insurance for that one as well. I was amazed to read that there is now wedding insurance providing for nuptial catastrophes. Some policies cover travel costs of the wedding party, stranded vendors, and breakage of gifts, to name a few. What a great idea! I think there might even be insurance if either the bride or groom gives into second thoughts.

Who thought of this? It’s smart! Wedding mishaps are alive and well according to the funny videos program on network TV.

When you glance over and witness your new mother-in-law falling backward into the pond, you can rest assured that you are covered for a dry change of clothing, and an EPA study on the changes to the pond landscaping.

When it comes to your writing, The Write Business, without calamity, offers original and well-written content for your individual projects. Carol has you covered as she carefully considers which text is needed to convey the write message to your clients.

* See your insurance agent for details about wedding insurance.

Writing Tip: Using Plural Possessives:

Write: John and Jenny’s car when showing a single item of ownership.

Write: John’s and Jenny’s cars when speaking of more than one item.

Have a great week!

Carol Marshall

The Write Girl of Pleasanton

Source: Pleasanton Weekly

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