Falling, and Face Plants, and Frozen Yogurt, Oh My!

We all know that Tony Bennett left his heart in San Francisco. Last week, I left my face imprint in front of a FroYo (not the name) store inDublin. A cement berm which I did not see, stuck out beside a car parked much too far to the right side of the space, and over I went. Yes, it’s a given that women should walk, not talk, in parking lots.

Now, I could argue that the berm caused me to trip. Really? (It reached out, and took me by the ankles). Had I looked far enough ahead, even in a dark parking lot, I still could have seen what could happen and try to avoid the agonizing scene that followed. (Although genuinely hurt, and bleeding, I was more embarrassed than anything else).

Like the cement berm, life gets in our way. If we don’t look up from a distance once in awhile, plans could fail. We end up on our faces, which could be both embarrassing, and detrimental to our personal and business lives.

As entrepreneurs, our livelihoods are much more at stake where we cannot afford to fall. One way to protect against falls and fails is to look down the road, check for obstacles, and plan how to proceed.

In our marketing efforts, we could end up embarrassed as we put ourselves out there for all to see. It is up to us to sound professional and smart to our clients and customers in writing and in what we verbalize. We need to assure that the parking lot stays lit and there are no obstacles in the way of our business transactions.

If your marketing text does not leave an imprint with your clients, consider a professional writer or editor to help with what you leave behind to move you forward.

* The ~ tilde (pronounced till duh), is the wavy line on your keyboard that shares a key with the backquote. Tildes are derived from the Spanish and Latin (titulus) that means “title” or superscription. Today, tildes have many uses including uses in URLS.

(See Wikipedia.org/wiki/tilde)

Have a great week.

The Write Girl inPleasanton,


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